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BullRunBot empowers cryptocurrency traders to be able to trade in a completely decentralized way. DEX Grid Trading Bots on Arbitrum

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What successful traders say about BullRunBot


Managed to run 6 bots for the last 3 months in alpha and let me tell you, I have never seen such performance in my life


I was lucky enough to get into Alpha and so far I am up 72% pure profit. These guys really found the sweet spot algorithm that makes these Bots generate profit just every day


I am amazed on why there are not more platforms like this on the market. I get profit directly to my Trust Wallet separate from my investment amount so I can use the profit to buy League RP cards and clothes EZ

Robert C.

I was happy to get accepted into the alpha and even tho it had a lot of bugs at the beginning it's now producing a solid 6% monthly that I can auto-compound and see the profit grow through the Data studio page. These guys will go a long way and I hope I will be there with them.

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Our trading bots are designed to be accessible from any device. Check your daily performance, profit and bot status from your phone anytime, anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bullrunbot better than others?

First things first, there are no others. We are the FIRST decentralized trading bot platform on the internet, enabled by the anti-frontrun blockchain design of Arbitrum chain we can GUARANTEE that the displayed and projected profit of each bot is the real deal. We tested our algorithms for 4 years with 1 year of live Arbitrum trading (Which netted us incredible airdrops) and we are sure we have the best grid bots there are.

What exchange does Bullrunbot run on?

We are a completely decentralized, non custodial trading bot platform where you run your bots using our cloud servers, pre-set you just connect your wallet and earn. No exchanges involved, all DEX powered.

Do I need a VPS or have my PC 24/7 on?

Absolutely not! We run all the bot algorithms and math on our servers, you only take care of the most important things, and that's managing your bot's money and what to buy with the profit

How much does it cost?

We charge 1% from your profit transaction, which means for every 1 USD you make we charge 0.01 USD to keep our servers and development running

Is this Leverage trading?

We are planning on adding an optional leverage in the future, as of now it's spot trading so if your bot buys tokens that REALLY dip, we can stake your tokens and still make you money!

Are our bots running in any market condition?

We stake the tokens so you earn the best possible APY waiting for the market to recover! Silo, Pirex